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LOVE ISLAND fans want boob jobs, bum lifts and lip fillers

Love Island fans wanting boob jobs, bum lifts and lip fillers is NOT a major concern – unless they believe going under the knife will guarantee them romance, according to a leading plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic expert Vik Vijh champions the use of Nourisil MD silicone scar gel to combat cosmetic surgery scars and has seen number of calls to his clinics shoot up since the hit ITV2 show returned to our screens last month.

The famous Majorcan villa features a bevy of beauties who boast physiques that are envied across the land.

But while some have admitted to going under the knife to change their appearance, Mr Vijh says it’s when fans of the show think surgery will definitely snag them an attractive partner that alarm bells should start to ring.

The Birmingham-based consultant surgeon, who runs The Beauty Gurus clinics, said: “There seems to be a change whenever something like Love Island is on our screens.

“People see beautiful bodies on the television and say to themselves, ‘I want to look like that’.

“There is nothing wrong with that and it can often promote people to exercise and watch what they eat – like many of the Love Island contestants do.

“But it becomes worrying if they are asking for a breast augmentation because they think it will help them find love – that a particular appearance will increase their chances of securing a relationship.”

A number of the Love Island hopefuls boast cosmetic surgery histories.

Megan Barton-Hanson, 24, is rumoured to have shelled out around £40,000 on transforming herself from dowdy-looking teen to TV beauty queen.

Procedures she’s said to have had include breast augmentation (£6.5K), butt lift (£7K), tooth veneers (£7K) and lip fillers (£1.5K).

Laura Anderson is another villa vixen who’s transformed herself into a bikini-clad blonde bombshell for her appearance on the show.

The 29-year-old has admitted to having her breasts done 10 years ago and experts claim there are indications of Botox injections.

Meanwhile, Scouse stunner Hayley Hughes, 21, revealed she had a boob job when she was 18.

Mr Vijh, managing director of The Beauty Gurus cosmetic surgery group, added: “Most of the patients I see might say they have never liked their breasts and they are embarrassed to get naked in front of their boyfriend or partner. That is reasonable.

“But if they think by have boobs like the women on Love Island will mean they will have an attractive boyfriend – that type of thought process bothers me.

“When it is young people asking for these procedures, that’s when I have to ask them very open questions – 99.9 per cent of them are embarrassed about their body.

“But it is crucial that they understand what they will get out of the surgery. You have to do it for yourself, not for other people.”

While bouncing boobs and bulging buttocks are very much de rigueur on Love Island, plumped-up lips are also a HUGE hit.

Google searches for the terms ‘lip fillers’ has seen a three-fold increase since the opening show on June 4.

And Mr Vijh is worried that the trend could be heading to extremes, where ‘abnormal’ becomes the vogue.

He said: “One thing I have noticed is that people do not seem bothered about the size of their lips.

“There is a growing trend for treatments and surgery that produces results that are abnormal or oversized. I think we may now be developing a culture where cosmetic procedures signify wealth.

“In the 1960s and 1970s it was all about the suntan because that meant you had the money to go abroad on holiday.

“And I think some people are losing focus of what really looks good and are wanting instead just to look different.

“But it is a look that doesn’t exist. A Barbie Doll is, after all, a doll.”

One often forgotten side effect of cosmetic surgery is scarring.

Mr Vijh added: “The best thing to use is a silicone gel such as Nourisil MD, which can dramatically improve the appearance of scars.

“It is easy to apply, is not sticky and helps form a protective barrier that helps maintain hydration which can reduce the thickness and colour of the scar.”