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A BEAUTY therapist has a ‘fantastic’ c-section scar thanks to Nourisil MD

A BEAUTY therapist from Newcastle who had liquid ‘leaking out of her back’ after a failed epidural says greater care should be given to new mums.

Laura Porter, 34 from Jesmond, welcomed son Lucas by emergency caesarean section in January this year.

The first-time mum says she had an ‘amazing’ pregnancy, but things took a turn during a routine appointment with her midwife at 40 weeks.

Laura said: “I’d felt great all the way through the pregnancy and during an appointment the midwife found my blood pressure was really high and I had pre eclampsia.”

Pre eclampsia can affect internal organs and cause serious complications. Early signs of the condition include high blood pressure and fluid retention.

Laura said: “Everything had ballooned but I had just put it down to being pregnant. It was my first child so I didn’t really know what to expect.

“I think every new mum is the same. Things just happen and you don’t know whether they are normal or not.

“I was hot and uncomfortable and swollen and I just thought it was normal.”

Laura was referred to hospital to be induced but her labour was not progressing quickly enough.

She said: “The surgeon broke my water and I was only 2cm dilated. There was no way Lucas was budging.

“They gave me an epidural but it didn’t work, it fell out. My partner asked ‘what’s all that liquid leaking out of your back?’ I could still feel the contractions. It was all very dramatic.

“They told me they were taking me into surgery to prep me for an emergency C section. It wasn’t planned, but most birthing plans go out the window anyway.”

Lucas was born a healthy 6lb 3oz – but Laura didn’t fare quite as well.

She said: “I felt horrendous afterwards. I was just a bit down in the dumps.

“C sections take much longer to get over. I live in a first floor flat and I was told not to lift anything, which is pretty impossible. I couldn’t drive for six weeks so it was tough, but we got there.”

Laura was also worried about the scar that would be left behind following her surgery.

Initially, she says it was ‘really red and angry’ but it soon faded after she started using Nourisil MD, a silicone-based gel.

She said: “My scar is fantastic now. At the start it was really red and angry. Now I’ve been putting the gel on it’s definitely faded. It’s more of a silver colour now.

“I work in the beauty industry so I know all about scars and know exactly how they heal so I was a bit concerned, but it looks fine after using Nourisil MD.”

Nourisil MD contains a unique blend of five silicones that combine to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, while improving scar appearance.

Its ultra-light, self-drying properties help to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieving itching and skin discomfort.

It works on all skin types by forming an invisible layer that hydrates and protects scars on all areas of the body, including the face.

Transparent and odour-free, it can even reduce associated pain, redness and discolouration, and is effective on sensitive skin.

Research conducted by Nourisil indicated C section mums can experience a drop in confidence after the procedure.

60 per cent of mums aged 18 to 34 refused to wear a bikini after the operation, while almost a third of the over 55s said the same.

One in five women confessed to being too self-conscious to get undressed in front of their partner or to wear tight clothes.

And around a third suffered upset or concern due to their scar’s appearance – a figure virtually as high in women aged 55-plus as with 35 to 44-year-olds.

Peter Batty, Fagron UK’s general manager, said: “There has been significant evidence over many years which shows that silicone-based gels can be a very effective treatment for scarring.

“Many women who have undergone C sections feel less confident in their body afterwards, so it is important they are informed of the most effective treatments.”