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Before and After Images

Skin Cancer Scar

Colin was diagnosed with basic cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, on the side of his face. He underwent a procedure to remove the cancer and used Nourisil MD on the scar site once the wound  healed. After only a few months of using the product Colin’s scar is now barely visible to his family and friends.

ACNE Scars

Blogger Natasha Allen tried Nourisil MD on her acne scars and saw some great results! Nourisil MD is designed to treat hypertrophic and keloid scars however Natasha gave it a go on her acne scars and was really pleased with the results. You can view her in depth review of the product and how it helped her acne scars via her YouTube page (video below).

Red Scar

John had sun burn on his arm and suffered a wound when his watch face faced rubbed against his burnt skin. Once the wound had healed John applied Nourisil MD diligently twice a day for 1 month and saw some great results – the scar is hardly visible!