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Before and After Images

Breast Augmentation Scars

Breast augmentation surgery is on the rise as more women look to improve their body image and confidence. One downside to breast augmentation is scarring however this can be greatly improved by the use of Nourisil MD as shown in these before and after images.

Old Surgery Scar

Since having the surgery over 2 years ago Emily always disliked the look of her scar. It was very raised, red, itchy and dry. She noticed that since her surgery the scar was getting thicker and dryer so she decided to take action. After applying Nourisil™ MD twice a day for just 2 months she found her scar was looking dramatically lighter and no longer raised and irritated.

ACNE Scars

Blogger Natasha Allen tried Nourisil MD on her acne scars and saw some great results! Nourisil MD is designed to treat hypertrophic and keloid scars however Natasha gave it a go on her acne scars and was really pleased with the results. You can view her in depth review of the product and how it helped her acne scars via her YouTube page (video below).