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The effects of scars on the mind

Research by shows the after care of people with burn scars or severe facial scaring could lead to depression in 13-23% cases and post traumatic stress in 13-45% cases. This can inevitably lead to a knock-on effect on self-confidence. A survey preformed in 2003 shows a significant correlation with visible scars and how you feel you are perceived.

The research suggests a healthy body image and high self-esteem can lead to you feeling good about yourself. However, it can go the other way and having a bad image of yourself is likely to lead to you having a negative outlook on how you look and therefore affect your mood.

Different people have different views on their scars. For example, people with cancer scars could be proud as they can signify the battle they have been through. On the other hand, people who have scars for other reasons such as cosmetic surgery or self-harm could feel embarrassed or feel like it makes people judge them and look at them differently.

A common problem that people with scars face is getting asked how they got them. People with scars that have a funny story behind them are less likely to feel uncomfortable about being asked about the permanent mark on their skin compared to someone who is more embarrassed about the reason they have it or feel too self-conscious to explain due to them not knowing the reaction of the person they are telling.

Another problem with scaring is that having a permanent reminder of an experience they have been through. This again can go both ways, either you could have a scar from a childhood memory or from a more traumatic experience that could effect you by viewing it on your skin daily.

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