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Experts have warned there’s no healing properties in PEE

PEOPLE are risking their health with a “worrying” new trend of using URINE to heal their scars.   


Experts have warned there’s no healing properties in pee – and the latest stomach-churning internet craze could even be doing serious damage.   


Youtuber Ruby Stone claims drinking her first morning pee, in addition to rubbing it on the affected areas, helped deal with her scars.  


“If you have bad scars on your legs or wherever, you can use urine,” she insisted, claiming that whole-body application was even more effective.   “You can rub it all over your body when you’re going to sleep. Do it continuously for as long as you can, because it really works. I’m living proof of it.  


“My father used to have tooth decay and he used his early morning urine to gargle.  


“He did it every morning for 20 minutes and the pain completely vanished.’   


But Stone warns not to take drugs, drink alcohol or even eat meat if you want to get the most out of your urine, claiming that  “the more fermented it is, the more it works.’  


Online chat forums passionately discuss using urine as a cure, with one such forum, Curezone, asked point-blank whether urine can remove blemishes.  


The response from one user was unequivocal: “I gashed my forehead really good in the summer of 2013,” he said.  


“It left a scab in the shape of a Nike symbol, about an inch to an inch and a half long. I thought it would be there for life.  


”A friend of mine told me to pee on the end of my finger each morning and dab it on the scab.  


 “It’s now a year later and you can’t even tell anything is there.”   


Pop superstar Madonna also advocates using urine for healing properties – once admitting to peeing on her feet to prevent Athlete’s foot.  


However, Mr Vijh a leading plastic surgeon based in Birmingham advised against using urine.  


“That is not a good way to get rid of scars. It has no healing properties. Urine tends to contain a lot of acid.  


“If your urine is quite acidic, depending on what you eat, you could even be hurting your skin a little bit.  


“You can create injuries by putting urine on open wounds. I’ve heard of putting urine on acne and eczema, but not on scars. I would not advise it at all.”   


Mr Vijh, added: “There are a four stages of wound healing. You have haemostasis (cessation of bleeding), inflammation, then the proliferation stage, and then remodelling. At the remodelling stage you want to use something that can help with the healing process.”  


Mr Vijh recommends using a silicone-based product such as Nourisil MD to help the skin to heal and to provide a protective barrier.  


Nourisil MD can be applied on wounds which have healed to improve the appearance of scars and maintain the skin’s moisture balance.  


Mr Vijh said: “In order to help reduce inflammation and redness you can use a product which contains silicone, such a Nourisil MD, which goes on smoothly and isn’t sticky.   


“Silicone helps with the natural healing process and serves to provide a protective barrier.  


“It also helps with the colour and thickness of the scar, and to maintain hydration.”