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Dog Bite Scar

Carol suffered this nasty looking scar after a being bitten on the hand by a dog. Not only was the scar unsightly but it was extremely painful and uncomfortable making every day tasks difficult. After using Nourisil MD for a matter of weeks Carol saw significant improvements and now the scar is barely visible at all.


Breast Uplift Scars

These before and after images feature breast uplift scars. The before images were taken 17 days post operation and the after images taken 9.5 weeks post operation. Nourisil MD was applied from 5 weeks post operation. Many thanks to Instagrammer @mrseno.thgmastopexyba for sharing her amazing results – her scar can barely be seen!

C-Section Scar

Almost 1 in 4 babies born in the UK are delivered via C-Section – that’s over 170,000 per year according to the latest NHS figures. C-Section scars can be painful, uncomfortable and unsightly and research suggests many women suffer with body confidence issues post C-Section. Nourisil MD smooths, flattens and fades C-Section scars as can be seen in these images of a C-Section scar after a month or so of use..

Skin Cancer Scar

Colin was diagnosed with basic cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, on the side of his face. He underwent a procedure to remove the cancer and used Nourisil MD on the scar site once the wound  healed. After only a few months of using the product Colin’s scar is now barely visible to his family and friends.

Breast Augmentation Scars

Breast augmentation surgery is on the rise as more women look to improve their body image and confidence. One downside to breast augmentation is scarring however this can be greatly improved by the use of Nourisil MD as shown in these before and after images.

Old Surgery Scar

Since having the surgery over 2 years ago Emily always disliked the look of her scar. It was very raised, red, itchy and dry. She noticed that since her surgery the scar was getting thicker and dryer so she decided to take action. After applying Nourisil™ MD twice a day for just 2 months she found her scar was looking dramatically lighter and no longer raised and irritated.