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Keloid scar from ear piercing healed by Nourisil MD scar treatment

A teenager from Huddersfield hailed Nourisil MD silicone gel a “miracle cure” after it helped his prominent keloid scar disappear.

Christian Gilbert, 16, got his industrial ear piercing in July 2020. Unfortunately it was not long before he noticed a small lump had formed on the inside of his ear. Christian was referred to the dermatology department at his local hospital, where he discovered the lump was a keloid scar. Keloid scars present as enlarged, raised scars that can form following piercings and tattoos.

Christian said: “I wasn’t sure what it was at first. When we got to the hospital I was relieved to find out there were treatments available for keloid scars.

Friends had noticed the lump in my ear, so I wanted to get rid of it.

“My mum and I did a quick Google search and came across Nourisil™ MD Silicone Scar Gel. We ordered it as we thought it was worth a try. Once the gel arrived, I started to apply it on the keloid scar regularly to help treat it.

Christian continued: “I wasn’t sure what to expect but I started to notice a visible difference in just a few weeks. I only wanted a less noticeable lump but within a short amount of time, it was like my scar had just fallen off!

“The best thing is that I didn’t have to remove the piercing either, so I’ve still got it which is what I wanted. I had no idea that a scar gel could get rid of a lump like that – it’s honestly brilliant and I’ve been recommending it to everyone.”

Joy Worsley is Christian’s mum, aged 48. As a parent of a child with a keloid scar, she also shares her experience.

She said: “Christian had wanted the piercing for quite some time. I was a bit apprehensive about him getting it as he was the head boy and a prefect at his school. We agreed once he’d left at age 16, he could get one. When he eventually got his piercing he really looked after it. He bought all the right solutions and creams to go with it and treat it properly.

“It was after about 4-6 weeks later that we started to notice a small lump in the piercing. We knew the piercing had a long healing time so didn’t act on it straight away. Then, after about 8 or 10 weeks, we noticed it was still growing. By this time, it was obvious Christian was getting self-conscious about it. He’d wanted the piercing for so long and just wanted to show it off. A lot of his mates had the same one, so I know he was disappointed thinking there was something wrong with his.

“I’ve watched a few skin clinic-type programmes in the past, and as it kept growing, I had suspicions it was a keloid. I rang our GP and sent a few pictures. They confirmed it and we got referred to the hospital.

“While we were waiting for a referral, I didn’t want to see Christian suffering the way he was. I thought we had nothing to lose by searching on the internet for some keloid scar remedies. I came across Nourisil and it looked different to other brands as it specifically mentioned keloid scars on the website. We ended up ordering two bottles, but I didn’t know what to expect with it.

“Christian was great in applying the Nourisil MD regularly. I can’t remember how long it was after we started using it but one day he came in and showed me. The keloid had completely disappeared and his ear looked near perfect again. No scarring or anything! I couldn’t believe it, that’s why I had to take a picture. It’s so great to see him now with some confidence back. He’s tried out lots of different bars in his piercings and been able to enjoy having it like he’s supposed to.

“We wanted to share our story as we hope to help other parents and their children get clued-up on keloid scars and piercings, as it’s not something you can prevent and it can happen to anyone. We were lucky because we’ve since read up and found that if Christian were to see the dermatologist and have surgery, it could have created more trauma to the ear, affecting him having piercings in the future which isn’t ideal. I’d recommend any other mums going through something similar with their child to do some research and don’t opt for cheap products or home remedy solutions as they just don’t work. Seeing Christian with his confidence back is great and we’re so happy with the results from Nourisil.”

Keloid scars

Christian is not alone. It is estimated that 10 per cent of the population is prone to keloid scarring. When treated efficiently and effectively, they can be nothing more than an inconvenience, like in Christian’s case. However, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of trying to treat keloid scars alone.

There has been a rise in recent years of people trying to remove keloid scars themselves. This can be can be extremely dangerous. Those who do this are likely to see their keloid scar return bigger and larger.

It’s important to consider a proven treatment such as Nourisil™ MD, which has been specially developed to heal scars. It works by creating a silicone barrier that enables the skin to release moisture at normal levels. This reduces the amount of collagen produced in the scar area, helping to lessen the severity of a scar’s features.

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