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Nourisil™ MD improves breast augmentation scars

A mum who had breast augmentation surgery following the birth of her children is recommending Nourisil™ MD to fellow surgery patients.

jess_mya13.02.19 said ‘I lost a lot of weight after my pregnancies and had nothing left so I decided to go for a breast augmentation. I did a lot of research about the procedure and what to expect, including about the scars I would be left with’.

As part of her research Jessica looked into the many scar treatments available to surgery patients.

‘My surgeon said a silicone scar gel would be the best option to help heal my scars. I looked into reviews of scar gels that I had heard about and I also asked other girls what they had used when they had surgery too’.

After doing her research and trying a few products, Jessica opted to use Nourisil™ MD as her long term silicone scar treatment.

‘Nourisil™ MD went on really smoothly, it wasn’t greasy and it’s so light you forget it’s on. The other product I tried was greasy and runny in texture and it didn’t seem to last all day on my scars’.

Jessica has been applying Nourisil™ MD for 10 weeks and plans to use it for 12 months to ensure her scars are fully healed.

‘I started applying Nourisil™ MD 9 weeks after my surgery. My scars were red, raised and a little tender to touch.

Within a week of using Nourisil™ MD I noticed a massive difference, I couldn’t believe it. My scars were smoother and the redness had reduced. Now I am 10 weeks into treatment they are not red at all and they are totally flat to my skin’.

Jessica was also impressed with the value commenting ‘ I found the price was great for the product quality and the amount you get. I don’t have to use much either as it goes a long way’.

Would Jessica recommend Nourisil™ MD to others?

‘Yes yes yes!!! I have been doing so on my surgery Instagram page already, I have had so many people ask what I used when they see my before and after results. I am incredibly happy to have seen such a huge difference in a week and then again at 10 weeks. I’m looking forward to continuing to see further improvements as the months go on.’

Progress images of Jessica’s scars whilst Nourisil MD can be found below:

Pre Nourisil MD


After 1 Week